Row by row, acre by acre.

Invest in Precision that Provides a Better Return on Your Investments.

Hoping and guessing will only get you so far in the Ag business. As full-time growers, we use all the precision ag products we offer, so we know they provide the edge farmers need to consistently see improved results.

At Cutting Edge Ag, we not only provide the most advanced precision ag technology and equipment, but also work with you to give you solutions for your exact needs and challenges.

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The precise services you're looking for.


We offer full onsite consultations to ensure you get the most from every piece of equipment we sell.

2Install & Training

Whether you install it or have us do it, we make sure everything is optimal so you always get optimal results.

3Support & Service

Repairs, services, updates or advice, Cutting Edge Ag is always here when you need us.